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Oz Boomerangs

OZ Icerunner

OZ Icerunner

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The Oz Icerunner is a SAFE Right Hand Outdoor Foam Boomerang and has an 8 - 10 meter range. Inspired by famous boomerang maker Fridolin Frost, the Oz Icerunner is designed to be an easy Right Handed throw with little to light wind. 

Suitable for Ages 6+

* Never throw in windy conditions.
* Find a sheltered area, clear of people, objects, and trees with at least a 30 metre radius.
* Ensure throwing instructions are understood.
* WARNING: Do not aim at eyes or face

* For an accurate return flight, the boomerang must not be warped.
* Check boomerang lies flat on a flat surface.
* If necessary, bend or twist blades to achieve correct flight.

*The Oz Icerunner is designed Right Handed, tuning can be desirable in stronger wind and environmental factors.

*Instructions included.

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