About us

FlyingToyz Boomerangs is based in Melbourne, Australia, and specializes in the manufacture and distribution of boomerangs.
Ross and Candace Robertson started handcrafting boomerangs in 1993 on Waiheke Island, New Zealand leading to the creation of FlyingToyz Boomerangs. Ross Robertson, a pilot, designs the boomerangs with a background of aerodynamics. In 2016 FlyingToyz, directors Ross (Australian) and Candace(New Zealander) returned to Australia - the land of boomerangs!

Why Boomerangs? Ross grew up in Peak Hill, NSW where as a child in the 1960's he was impressed by boomerang demonstrations at the local primary school given by Aboriginal locals. Meanwhile back in New Zealand, Candace loved the black and white classic Australian TV series The Magic Boomerang. In the 1960s Weetbix gave away a plastic boomerang (that never worked), leading to an interest of boomerangs for Candace. Discovering the Magic of Boomerangs is now available to everyone through the Superangs - designed to be user friendly!

FlyingToyz art is provided courtesy of artist Simon Shepheard.