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FlyingToyz was first established in 1993 on an island off New Zealand called Waiheke Island when Australian pilot Ross Robertson (with his wife Candace) first carved his successful boomerang out of marine ply… Many wooden boomerangs later, the Aussie Magic mould was cast and the plastic fantastic boomerang was born..perfect as a wooden one! The Aussie Magic is a truly spectacular boomerang when thrown correctly and many professional throwers comment it is one of the best plastic boomerangs on the market.

The Superangs were invented from the need of safe boomerangs. Coinciding with the 1996 World Boomerang Championships that was held ┬áin Christchurch New Zealand, the Superang range was developed with the engineer, and world famous triathlete- Steve Gurney…The Outdoor Superang is FlyingToyz own technology and unique to the world. The super safe Outdoor Superang, has achieved a true boomerang flight pattern due to the new thermoforming technology.

FlyingToyz Boomerangs are now made in Melbourne, Australia.

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