The Sport Superang Fun

Games and fun with Superangs 

The Superang is a all round good fun boomerang that is suitable for beginnings and especially schools. These games (adapted for the safe foam boomerangs) are a sample from the International Federation of Boomerang Association, which holds the world boomerang competitions.


All safety rules apply and all participants understand the safety rules thoughly. 

Stop watches, Tape measures

Score keeper(s)

Circles: Circles of a radius like a bulls eye at 2m, 4m, 8m and 10m radius.

Throw: A Throw is defined as when it is done from inside of the bullseye. No stepping on the line.

Flight Range: The flight would depend on your boomerang and the ability of the thrower and environment and the wind, but the IFBA rules specify 20 meters.  With foam boomerangs 8 meters is an adaptation suited for foam boomerangs.


Fast Catch for Foam Boomerang - Superang

At the bullseye, catch the Superang 5 times as quickly as possible. Catches may be taken away from the mark but the thrower must return back to the marker for the next throw. The time is recorded for the 5 catches, making sure the thrower returns back to the maker onthe last throw. The winner is the one with the shortest time for the 5 catches.

Endurance for Superangs

Endurance is similar to Fast Catch but a time is set at the beginning ( eg,,5 minutes). The one with the most throws and catches within the designated time period wins! Thrower must return to center bullseye after each throw and the hiighest number of catches wins.


Put a marker on the ground, throw from next to it and try and get the boomerang to land as close as possible. For each throw, measure from the marker to where the boomerang lands. The person with the least distance after five throws each, is the winner.

 Trick Catching 

Throwing and catching a series of "trick catches". These could be with two hands, right hand only, left hand only, behind your back, between your legs (tunnel catch), and in your feet (foot catch). You can add any other catches that sound fun. The winner is the one who takes the most successful catches.

* SEE International Federation of Boomerang Association, for more information on the sport of boomerangs..