Performance Sport Boomerangs

Flying Toyz Aussie Magic Sports Boomerang


Australian Aborigines invented it, FlyingToyz made it user-friendly. With a range of about 35 meters, this is the real thing. The right handed AUSSIE MAGIC Sport boomerang is made of durable plastic, and available in bright fluorescent colours. Professional throwers, often comment that it is easily one of the best plastic boomerangs on the market!!

FlyingToyz Performance boomerangs

* handcrafted in Australia with 5mm 10ply plywood

Aussie Arrow

Always a favourite, the Aussie Arrow is a magestic boomerang that has a range of approximately 35meters. Carved from 5mm - 10 ply super strong professional aviation birch, this boomerang flies beautifully. 


Spectacular is the only word to describe the OzPhoenix as it flies through the air! Australian made FlyingToyz OzPhoenix is a premier Performance boomerang made of 5mm 10ply Aviation birchwood. With a range of 30-35meters, the OzPhoenix is an easy throw and catch. The rainbow colours of the OzPhoenix blend together to give the illusion of the rainbow, mystical Australian Phoenix returning to the thrower.

Aussie Fire Dancer

Aussie Fire Dancer Performance Boomerang is handcrafted in Australia from Aviation Birch Plywood. With a range of 40 meters, the Aussie Fire Dancer looks spectacular as it sets the sky alight with it’s red and orange colours. This boomerang suits an intermediate thrower.