Beginner Level

Safe Foam Boomerangs are great for all to learn. Superangs are Perfect as an introductory boomerang


 *SAFETY AND INSTRUCTIONS To Be Read and Understood

Aussie Superang

Aussie Superang

FlyingToyz has come up with the world’s safest outdoor boomerang that really works.The Aussie Superang is an introduction to the sport of boomerangs and fast catch boomerangs. Made with the latest thermoforming technology combining plastic and foam, the Aussie Superang has the advantage of structure from the plastic insert and soft, safe outer skin provided from the foam. With a range of about 6- 8 meters, the colourful foam Aussie Superang is a safe boomerang, and suitable for use by children of all ages. With fitness and outdoor activity becoming increasingly important, children and teenagers love the genuine sports activity that Superangs bring to the sport of boomerang throwing. It is designed for all to enjoy and play outside and enhances agility for all ages! Throwing and catching, stretching, running around and keeping up with the Superang is fun and tests your endurance. Kids and teenagers love this boomerang! Trick catches are easy with the Superang. Try juggling, doubling, one-handed on your head or behind your back catches, if you can...


Indoor Superang

FlyingToyz Indoor Superang is made of soft colourful foam. With a true boomerang flight the Indoor Superang is a must have for all who love to play! Whether it is for the office or coffee table the Indoor Superang always looks innovative and contemporary as a modern boomerang. Learning to throw the boomerang is easy with an Indoor Superang as it softly comes back and is a delight for all!

OZ Icerunner

OZ Icerunner Right Handed Foam Boomerang

Range 8-15meters

Oz Icerunner is Making Aussie's on the run! Feel younger and get fitter with Oz Icerunner hovering in front of you and making you feel like catching it! Have a go, get running, and throw your safe foam boomerang - the Oz Icerunner!


Superang13 is the latest in FlyingToyz range of SUPERANGS.

With a weight of 13grams this Superang is suitable for GYMS, BIG ROOMS, COURTYARDS... The weight of a Superang helps determine it's flight characteristics, so being only 13grams means it's range is between 3m- 5meters! Perfect for the gymnasium, anywhere that is sheltered from the wind...