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Aussie Magic Sport Boomerang

Aussie Magic Sport Boomerang

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  • Aussie Magic Sport Boomerang – Right Handed Boomerang 

  • Intermediate Thrower
  • Available in Red or Orange colours.

  • 35-meter range 

  • Size 210mm height x 336mm length

  • With a range of about 35 meters, the Aussie Magic Sport Boomerang returns gracefully to the throwers' hands. AUSSIE MAGIC is made of durable polypropylene, and available in bright fluorescent colours. Professional throwers, often comment that it is easily one of the best plastic boomerangs on the market!!

  • The Aussie Magic Sport boomerang is light, compact, and ready for your next adventure, trip to the park or beach…

  • watch Aussie Magic video as it graces the blue sky and beach encircling the shores...

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