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Booma Rangi ...what goes around comes around...

Booma Rangi ...what goes around comes around...

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Booma Rangi is a story about Rangi and his new state of the art 3 bladed boomerang - the Superang. It is a perfect book for young readers to be engaged in learning the skill of throwing and catching a boomerang and understanding the instructions with a fun spin! One of life's valuable lessons - the Golden Rule - what goes around comes around, is just like a boomerang! The explosion of colour and the mixture of modern and ancient imagery reflects the evolution of boomerangs themselves.
Rangi had been alone playing PlayStation for far too long. He remembered the gift that his Uncle Jay had given him from Australia, the Superang boomerang. The journey introduces to him the Golden Rule and the locals down at the skatepark ...

Size: 81/2" square paperback,

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